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2021 Analytics by Canecto

Web analytics is dead – and it’s cool for you

Web analytics is dead – and it’s cool for you

Web analytics is dead – and it’s great for you. Most people how need web analytics to run their business do not really have time or interest in doing web analytics. It used to be a problem, but no more. Here is why.

Look back or look forward?

So far, Google Analytics and similar tools have been used for two things:

  • Look back: Status of the development of a website’s traffic.
  • Look forward: Insight into how to improve a site’s content or optimize traffic to the site.

Business value

The biggest business value lies naturally in the point ahead, that is, improvements. The recurring problem is that it requires knowledge of web analytics to find the improvement points that are always on a website.

The area requires specialist knowledge, including experience with special tools. In other words, expensive competencies and time, which many do not have in a busy day.

Most people just want to reach the point where they know what to do to make their site better and where they know what type of traffic gives them the business value they want. Thus, skip the analytical part completely.

Business – not technology

To solve this problem, Canecto now launches the world’s first website optimization tool, focusing on business-not technology.

The tool identifies the best enhancements available on a site and it gives you recommendations for what you need to do exactly to achieve your goals with your site. The tool even comes up with an estimate of how much more business you will be able to get from the enhancements if you choose to implement them.

Canecto’s solution looks at the four areas you always relate to when a site is going to be better.

  • Traffic
  • The impact of social media
  • Sites content
  • Sites navigation and structure

Multiple AI tools

Canecto uses a combination of Pattern Recognition, AI and predictive analyzes to accurately identify the improvement measures that have the highest business value within each of the four areas.

Thus, it is up to the website owners to choose whether they want to use their energy to make their sites content better, or if they prefer to zoom in on the part of their traffic that has the greatest business value. Or do both.

Whatever they choose to do, they know that they use their energy where it has the greatest effect and that they do not need a comprehensive and expensive analysis process before they start.

Thus, Canecto is not an analytical tool known to them today. The tool can best be described as a running website optimizer, which always provides an overview of the actions that bring a site to the next level of improvement.

For everyone

Everyone can now access a professional data-driven website optimization – completely without web analytics. So we can now celebrate the fact that web analytics is dead.

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