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There are many inspiring Content Analytics companies and people to follow. We have collected an overview of those who inspire us the most, as we hope you can inspire you too.

Content Anlytics

At Canecto we belive that the technology areas we work with are super exciting. Even though we do not know others who work exactly the same as us with Content Analytics, it does not mean that others do not work in the areas of Machine Learning, Textual Analysis and Artificial Intelligence.

There are many other really inspiring companies and people to follow. We have collected an overview of those who inspire us the most, as we hope you can inspire you too:

Top companies

There are a number of other companies working with analysis of content and machine learning. The major in the field is IBM with their Watson solution, but Microsoft also works in the area with their Azure platform, just like Amazon also offers a similar model to their customers.

Common to all of their approaches is that it is a technology based on thinking that they go to the market with. Thus, they provide the technology and let customers solve the need based on a number of standard configurations offered by the solutions, that is, a classic software as a service approach.

Advantages are that they make it easy to get started and try the technology, the disadvantage is that their services are not made for a specific business purpose, and it makes them a little less sharp on the ability of the solutions to meet a specific business needs.

There are more information about the three different models on these links:


Top bloggers

The subject is also quite hot within the tech blogger universe. Here you can find more information in two different ways. There are various tech media that regularly write articles on content analysis. The most interesting of these are:

Wired magazine

Journal of Machine Learning Reseach
MIT Technology Review

In addition, there are a number of more nerded blogs and associations who write about the subject. The most exciting of them are:

Congnitive Science Society
Cognitive Computing
Machine Learning Mastery

Top researchers

Finally, it is also a topic that attracts a lot of attention in the academic environment. Danish DTU is big in the field, as well as many of the American universities are also good at.

If you are interested in Content Analysis, then you should follow these 3 profiles:

Sholom M. Weiss, who has written the book Fundamentals of Predictive Text Mining.

Yaser S. Abu-Mustafa, who has written the book “Learning from data”
Gita Sukthankar, who has written the book “Plan, activity, and intent recognition”
We would like to hear from you if you think we lack candidates on the list or if you have any comments about it.

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