The best A.I tools for businesses in 2021

The best A.I tools for businesses in 2021

There are more and more new A.I. business tools every year but which ones should we look out for in 2019? The Digital Revolution is here to stay. We hear every day about how IoT technologies, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are going to change the way we function in our lives every day.

The Digital revolution

When we talk about how Digital Revolution is shaping the business and corporate environment, we mainly refer to Business Automation. However, there are some amazing tools that are constantly blowing our minds with their functionalities and how they perform complex analytical tasks, that so far we have only been able to delegate to humans rationality.

Some of the latest trends we can expect in terms of corporate AI this year include :

  • The generation of natural language, allowing computers to express concrete and organized ideas created from just raw data.
  • Voice recognition tools are starting to perform increasingly complex business tasks, boosting the performance of your company.
  • Chatbots will also start to work with even more complicated functions, becoming the first point of contact between the customer and companies.
  • Machine Learning as a way to exponentially analyze, transform, adapt and offer concrete pathways to take action.
  • Optimized Hardware specially designed by A.I algorithms. In the long run, this will have effects on the costs and operability of your computer.

Although Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, and Apple have been traditionally on the front line of innovation of the twenty-first century. However, the democratization of knowledge and the Digital Transformation has allowed new players to enter the industry by developing groundbreaking technological solutions aimed to revolutionize our own limits.

The financial, healthcare, scientific, and especially the industrial sectors are the ones benefiting from this transformation. The best thing here is that you don’t need to be a huge Forbes 500 company in order to adopt these new solutions in your company.

For this article, we have identified and summarized some of the best A.I tools that will have people talking in 2019, starting with: is a great A.I tool. It is a complete personal assistant in charge of automatically organizing your business meetings. This tool will check our availability and answer our incoming emails as if we are writing them ourselves. Its operation starts just by with syncing X.ia with our e-mail account and then it will manage appointments, notifications and adding all the needed information in our schedule. Some other functionalities X.ia are video conferences, sales demos, schedule job interviews with potential candidates and even setting happy hour gatherings with your team. X.ia has the possibility to integrate with the suites of Salesforce, Greenhouse, Zoom, Intercom and Slack.


Canecto has developed one of the most useful business tools for web analytics. With a completely automated suite, Canecto allows you to have one of the simplest, yet most complete web performance reports, so you can make informed decisions based on your data. These reports show you the concrete improvement areas where you can make a difference and how it could benefit your business. Canecto then advises you on the specific actionable recommendations for you to improve the areas on your website and meet the goals you set for online business.

Canecto understands the importance of how the user experience and content are essential to achieving your objectives, so they also track and analyze how you users behave on your website and then give you effective guidelines on how to improve the user journeys.

The main perk of Canecto is that you don’t really need to have extensive knowledge of digital marketing either, conversion rates or performance statistics. This is because the reports you get will inform you which recommendations are best for your social media, remarketing, traffic and conversions.


We have known about this tool since 2007 and it has become one of the most efficient and revolutionary business A.I tools so far. The general idea resides in the construction of a powerful tool that performs as a digital sales rep. As a marketing suite, it functions at discovering patterns and unidentified business opportunities.

This AI tool gets to communicate with total independence with potential customers, having valuable conversations via e-mail. You can start by adding a list of prospects or it can even work on its own by searching them in the first place. Once Conversica gets in contact with them, the tool follows a conversation until it finally obtains a sales opportunity. At this point, Conversica notifies your sales department so you can close your deal.


Crystal is way more than just your regular CRM system. This is a platform that offers complete information about the personality of your clients and offers a better path on how to interact with them. Its system empowers the creation of more effective and productive interactions, regardless if your company treats with a direct consumer or you are in a B2B model. This software lets you know what the best distribution channels are, their particular preferences and even what is the best time of the day to have a commercial conversation.

Recorded Future

Cybersecurity has become one of the biggest priorities on a corporate level. Recorded Future is aware of this and has developed a system, that tracks on real-time any kind of potential threat against your company. The business works by analyzing thousands of data, identifying suspicious patterns and gets one step ahead, protecting your data and preventing any potential breach. The system incorporates Artificial Intelligence algorithms and Machine Learning to offer you one of the strongest and most solid cyber – security products in the market. Being a victim of a cyber attack is something most companies can’t afford, not only is your business on the line but also the trust and confidence of your customers.

The winner is the consumer

We are currently living an amazing era of innovation. Every day, we will find new and exciting tools designed to improve the way we interact with the world and making our lives easier. With so many developers around, now the challenge resides on being the first one arriving at the finish line, however, the real winner here is always the consumer.

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