Predictive analytics: The new great era of digital marketing

Predictive analytics: The new great era of digital marketing

Is predictive analytics the new great era of digital marketing? There has been lots of hype around predictive analytics. This article lets you in on the secrets of predictive analytics, and lets you know how you can get started.

Is predictive analytics the future of marketing?

It is no longer enough for businesses to look at analytics, that is only showing the historical data. It is becoming more and more fundamental to look ahead using predictive analytics.

Sophisticated algorithms

Predictive analytics uses sophisticated algorithms, artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to analyze data in order to identify future outcomes. These methods are based on past data and used to predict what will happen in relations to different initiatives.

Predictive marketing analytics

Predictive analytics is highly valuable in the field of marketing as it is possible to predict customer behavior and preferences and thereby becomes a great help when creating new digital marketing campaigns, website development or content creation etc. Learn more about how to use predictive analytics in your marketing strategy here.  

Double your marketing ROI

The marketers who have the tools to identify, understand and predict future outcomes will have a major advantageous. This entails both understanding structured data such as numbers and unstructured data such as text and images.

These insights help marketers to obtain better results. As a matter of fact, predictive analytics appears to have the potential to double the marketing success across B2B and B2C industries.

Mainstream marketing

Predictive analytics is nothing new. In fact, it’s been around for several years. However, understanding and transforming data insights into real business value from the results have typically required advanced skills. This has mainly been due to limited technologies and complicated software. Therefore, predictive analytics haven’t fully made it into the mainstream marketing strategies until now.


At Canecto we provide our users with deep insights and hands-on recommendations based on predictive analytics. You can now receive a weekly report full of tangible actions from which you already know the result prior to executing the actions.

Knowing the result before initiating any digital marketing initiative is a great reassurance of the success of the initiative. Whether it is the development of a website, content creation or campaigns on social media you can now choose the best possible strategy for your business.

Get insights and recommendations

You are provided with exact instructions on how to obtain the predicted results meaning that the tool is perfect for marketers of all levels. From the reports, you can gain insights and recommendations within in areas such as social media, marketing, content, user journeys and traffic.

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