Is Google Analytics for Dummies?

Is Google Analytics for Dummies?

Google Analytics is not for dummies. We need analytics output, to be professional in our daily work. Not the process of getting it.

Using Google Analytics is like going into a department store

For many people, the time spent on Google Analytics is the same experience as going into a department store.

You think you know what you are looking for before you enter. You spend hours looking at something that is slightly interesting, and you return from the experience with something else that you planned for. And you are not really sure if the output fits your needs.

You do not need the process

This does not mean that Google Analytics or the department store does not have what you need. Your problem is the process and how to use the application.

Too many features

Google Analytics has more than 100 different features and this is perfect if you are an expert who lives inside the application daily and knows exactly how to sequence the right information of-of the application.

You are not an expert

The problem is that most of us do not. So, we are stuck with different options. We can act as in the department store example and try to learn how Analytics works, and do it by yourself. It never turns out good, because you are not the expert type and do not have the time or interest in becoming one.

Ask a friend

The other alternative is to get someone to do it for us. An agency or a friend. They can be very good and can deliver excellent reports. But not right away and always at a cost. Either goodwill or cash.

We need analytics

The reality is that for one person knowing how to use google analytics, there is 3 who needs the results from the analysis in order to do their daily work on improving the website.

Because we do need the insight from web analytics. We need to know how our users are interacting with our content, so we can continually improve the user experience and make our sites perform even better.

Results matters

Bill Gates once said. We all need baking, but we do not need banks. The same is the case for Analytics. We need the output, to be professional in our daily work. We just do not like the process of getting the data that we need to do your work.

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