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Discover which actions will grow your online business

Discover which actions will grow your online business

Improving your online business is all about making choices. You choose what to do, and you decide what not to do. The five step guide will tell you where it makes most sense for you to focus now.

Should you do SEO or not?

You can choose to focus on SEO to get more traffic. Do you know if this is really your biggest pain right now, or do you actually have better improvement options that are not on your radar?

The Growth Report

Canectos’s new business improvement tool, our Growth report, helps you to make those choices.

Improvement process

The report lets you go through an improvement process that ensures you are aware of all your options and that you make the decisions that make the most business sense for you.

Your own data

Everything is based on your own data, and you are provided with actionable recommendations and comparisons of your improvement options through the whole report flow.

Long or short term improvement

The report looks at your quick fixes: Your traffic and social media. How can you use them to make fast results?

It also looks at your content. It takes time to change but also delivers more sustainable site improvements.

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