Democratize high-tech web site analytics

98% of all traffic to a website is lost on the site. Major website owners know this and spend lots of energy trying to optimise their sites. To do this, they use: high tech AI solutions and skilled experts.

The three choices

Until now this has been too costly an option for small business owners, so they have been stuck with three choices:

• Not-doing analytics – and losing out on potential business
• Trying to do it them selfs – it takes time and requires a skill set they might not have
• Pay someone to do it for them

We at Canecto believes that there should be a fourth choice. Getting affordable high tech web analytic presented in a way everybody understands.

We call it to democratise AI. By this we mean that you get exactly what the big sites are getting today:

• Access to high tech AI bases web analytics, and

• Interpretations of the findings by a human

The new web analytics report

This is possible thanks to Canecto new web analytics report. The report is done in two steps. First, a set of more than 20 AI algorithms analyse a customers website. They look for different ways to improve traffic and content on the site.

Human and AI

Then a set of human-made finding is applied to AI results. The findings explain the business value of what the AI has found and gives specific insights as to what could be causes of the patterns that the AI has found. And lets the reader have a particular recommendation on where it makes the most sense for him to focus, and what would be the most urgent issues.

Access to Web Analytics at the fraction of the cost

In that way, the Small business owner gets access to both the technology and the mindset that is required to create value from the business findings. But to the fraction of the cost. And it means that they can start implementing the improvement with confidence in knowing that they are working on the part that has the most potential to move their business away from losing 98% of their customers online.

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