Be smart. Don´t do analytics.

Be smart. Don´t do analytics.

As a small business owner, your time is your greatest asset. The reason you started your business is that you are really good at doing one thing. This has most likely to do with customers, products or sales. This is where you get your kicks, and it is your dedication to that area that will eventually grow your business.

At Canecto we realise this and we what to help you achieve your goals by letting you spend as much time possible to do what you do best. And that is probably not web analytics.

You need analytics

However since your business is dependent on Web Analytics, you can not grow your business without it. If you don´t have analytics insights, then you navigate your business blindly, and risk makes decisions that are not the best for you.

Don´t spent time doing analytics

So we have designed a product that can help you get the time you need to grow your business and at the same time get the web analytics you need to make the right decisions on where to focus your online efforts.

In essence, what you do is outsource a task that you will never be good at anyway. You probably, do this already done with your accounting, your inventory management and similar operations.

Don´t get a new tool – get a report

The product is very different from the tools that you know — starting with the fact that it is not a tool at all. You get the findings you need as a PDF report. Not based on numbers, graphs and jargon you don´t know what means. It is a writing report – like a management report that lets you know how your site is doing, where you should focus on improving and what you should stop doing.

In that way you can read it when it fits your schedule, you don´t need to know a new tool or new academic field. You get the knowledge you need to know to boost your sales on your turf.

Based on advanced AI with an output you can understand

The product is made using the latest AI technology that monitors your behaviour, then makes sense of what it means to your business and lets you know who to act on it.

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