Automatic web analytics?

Automatic web analytics?

Can you really automate web analytics? And if you can, what consequences does it have for the people that produce and uses web analytics? To understand why we have to start with A.I. and how it, in general, will transform knowledge-intensive jobs.

If you asked a futurist what kind of jobs your kids should strive for meaning jobs that will still exist more than 10 years from now and not have been replaced by Artificial Intelligence (A.I).  Then they would tell you that it has fit one of three requirements:

AI Save job features

It has to be creative: Computers a bad a being creative, so being any kind of creative thinking or performing artists would be a safe choice such as singer, actor, painter or a  component.

Emotional intelligence:  Psychologist, nurses and other trades that require human interaction and understanding are also difficult to replace by AI.

Personal: Fashion and beauty jobs are good. Very personal products type jobs will also exist because computers are having trouble in a sophisticated understanding of human needs.

All the categories above are difficult to replace by A. I. So which jobs are most likely to be replaced by A.I? The jobs that are currently easiest to replace by AI. They are:

AI un-save job types

Processing data: Jobs that require mastering processes and looking for patterns in data such as bookkeeping and data analytics are easy to replace.

Support: Being able to guide people to help solve a problem will be easy to automate and replace.

Account manager/banker: Jobs that are at the front end of a data-heavy industry will be replaced. That includes many functions in the government organizations too.

The underlying theme is how value is created in a job function. Can A.I technology replace or supplement value-creating functions in a job role? If yes, then the situation will either be replaced by A.I technology, or it will be massively enhanced by it.

As mentioned are jobs evolving data processing in a high risk of being replaced by technology. It is ineffective, timely and expensive having humans processing data.

What is the value that a human delivers when performing web analytics? They are:

  • Communication: Interpret data and presents it in a way that is understandable for a non-expert
  • Data Management: Aggregate data from multiple sources
  • Recommendations: They present recommendations on what business initiatives makes the most sense in a data-driven way

If the futurist is correct, then we must ask. Are such skills: Personal, do they require emotional intelligence or is it creative? Definitely not enough to advise your kids to pursue a career in data processing.

Is web analytics being automated already?

The answer is yes. There are quite a few companies that include A.I algorithms as part of their services. This enables them to present a recommendation on improvement areas.

This all has to do with data management and recommendations.

Google display Ads

One classic example of this is how to best display Google Ads. There are lots of patterns and ways this can be combined. A.I is very good at finding the most optimal solutions for ad placements.

Steps like this do not actually replace the web analytics function. For now, it makes the job of the web analytics easier and makes them present findings that they would have difficulty in doing without A.I-based tools.

Just the first step

However, this is just the first step. Canecto has as the first company presented a solution, that actually automates the analytical process. Because it includes the communication part.

Canecto also has data management and recommendations, so it is the first toll that has an aggregate all the elements of the automation of web analytics role.

Automated web analytics reports

This opens a new field for Canecto. It is now able to compete with manually produced web analytics reports that take hours of analytical work with a product that is 100 % automated.

It means that analytical findings are now available to anyone — not just the ones that get it from an agency or pay a consultant to make it for them.

Even in large organizations, web analytics is not usually a core competence, that they value as an in-house feature. So being able to outsource it as an A.I model driven job makes sense for just about everyone.

A.I. has a steep learning curve

The tool can now present a high-level overview of a sites improvement options and suggest the best ways of improving them. And this is just the beginning. The foundation to revolutionize the industry is now in place. The learning curve for A.I models are steep, so you can expect the finding from Canecto and similar systems to be able to outperform even very skilled analysis sooner than you think.

Artist- the safe career choice?

So as a parent you are now in the strange situation where some of the most insecure career choice you can advise your kids on today:  Artist and singers – could turn out to have a safer future that the highly respected web analytics profession.

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