10 business owner tools made by startups that you must have

You might have heard of Producthunt. It is a popular portal that is used to launch hundreds of new products and services every day. The creativity and span of problems that they solve are fantastic.

The spectra goes from Snapchat for puppies apps to sites that post jobs for women in tech. Nothing is too small; nothing is too big. Everything is here. You can find products made by 17-year-old computer wizard, and others that are made by organizations such as Google and Microsoft.

We know that business owners don’t have much time to scan through the list of product launches, so we have done it for you.

This article presents the top 10 new services that a small business owner would find valuable, and make life a bit easier.


We all know the situation. You have the greatest idea for an app but doesn’t know how to build it yourself. Or perhaps even worse. We don’t know what it cost to build an app. Well, this problem is solved now. You can use this service to get a rough estimate on how much it cost, so you get an idea if your dream is achievable, or just should stay as a dream.


Canecto has developed one of the most useful business tools for web analytics. With a completely automated suite, Canecto allows you to have one of the simplest, yet most complete web performance reports, so you can make informed decisions based on your data. These reports show you the concrete improvement areas where you can make a difference and how it could benefit your business. Canecto then advises you on the specific actionable recommendations for you to improve the areas on your website and meet the goals you set for online business.


Do you want to attend tech conferences, but just don’t know where or when? Or are you planning to go to London in June and want to find out what is on the agenda when you visit?

Look no more. The tech conference will let you know just this. It is a complete directory of all international tech conferences. It lets you browse per category or geographically, and this makes it easy to zoom in on just what might be of interest to you.


Bolt is a very simple checkout that allows customers to check out very easily. The idea is to make sure you do not lose any customers. They claim that their conversion rate is 35%, compared to the industry standard of 20%. If this is true for you too, then there could be easy profits ahead with Bolt.


If you produce content then you would have learned that finding icons is easy. Finding icons that match what you do is however not so easy. The problem is that a standard icon always stands out from what you are doing. The color, shape or design might not match your website 100%. This problem has been solved with Icons8. They let you dynamically create icons that match your work.


Remove background solves a problem that many content creators have. It is a very simple solution, which allows you to remove any background in a photo and change it. You can either make it clean or replace it with something cool. This can now be done in a simple web-based solution.


If you are a person who doesn’t trust tech companies with your personal data, then you might want to take control over how your e-mails are managed and distributed. The helm is your personal e-mail server, that lets you do this in an easy non-tech way.


Hire tech ladies is a global community of more than 50.000 women in tech. It helps them connect and also to expose them to tech jobs. They post blogs and has an active network of women in tech that enables them to share experiences that are unique to their situation.

The Growth Handbook

If you need inspiration on how to grow your business then the Growth book might be of interest to you. The book can be downloaded for free and shares examples from success stories like Slack and Pinterest. Their focus is on how you develop the reputation of your product and create a word of mouth effect.


Clearbrain uses AI to help you connect to your marketing audience in a smart way. It analyzed their behavior and suggest the best channel mix on how to best reach them. It aggregates and integrated with platforms such as Facebook, Hubspot to help you select the most ideal approach to your audience.

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